Press Articles

As featured in "The English Garden"

September 2012

An extract from the piece by Caroline Beck.

"Just 200m from the sea and inflicted with constant wet weather, the one-acre walled garden at Salthill shows exactly what can be done in a difficult spot with some dedication and smart plant choices"

As featured in "Country Life"

August 2012

An extract from the piece by Stephen Desmond.

"No one who has met Mrs. Temple will be surprised to learn that her garden is a place of elegant form and harmonious grouping, combining an understanding of colour and scale with the enthusiasm of plantsmanship"

Other Press Releases of note:

Sunday Times - June 2012 - Jane Powers.
"Roses and Clematis hurl themselves over arches, lillies crane towards the roof and perennials cram the borders"

Green Guide - May 2012 - County Donegal & North West.

Irish Garden - August 2011 - Shirly Lanigan & Gerry Daly.
"...has created a garden of great personality and verve with a compelling cast of plants old and new."

The Hundred Best Gardens in Ireland - May 2011 - Shirley Lanigan Liberties Press.
"Add a sheltered aspect and a talanted gardener to the fertile ground and the result is a great bustle of a garden made up of beds full of good colour and some unusual plants."

The Living Garden - March 2011 - Jane Powers published by Frances Lincoln.
"These raised riges at Salthill Gardens Co. Donegal are a traditional way of managing the soil in an area of large rainfall."

Irish Times - July 2010 - Jane Powers.
" an intensively worked seductively relaxed acre."

Daily Telegraph - September 2009 - Travel Section.

Garden Heaven - December 2008 - Brian O'Donnell & Dermot O'Neill.
"Salthill Gardens are truely delightful"

The Sunday Business Post - September 2007 - Ros Drinkwater.
"Salthill Gardensachieves a steady succession of movement and colour that is a joy all year round."

Irish Times - August 2006 - Jane Powers
"It is an individual space, the product of one woman's passion for sowing and growing and splitting and propagating plants."

Homes and Gardens - March 2002 - Ciabi Tubbs
"The wild Donegal landscape is a constant inspiration"